Top 5 European Destinations For Solo Travelers

I almost wanted to title this top 5 happiest destinations I've been to as this list is the top 5 places I've gone to that were accepting, welcoming and the nicest. As a solo traveler it can be hard to find somewhere that is welcoming to you being alone, I've had so many occasions where it's be 'oh you alone' statements that I tend to look out for welcoming and friendly destinations.

Places I'm Afraid Of Visiting

When it comes to travelling everyone has that one place they don't wish to visit or even consider visiting, for me I have a few and wanted to go through why I will not be going to those places or how I'm going to be conquering my fears and visiting them.

What NOT To Do When Travelling

When it comes to travelling there are plenty of posts out there telling you all the fun things to do when it comes to seeing a new city but what about the things to not do when your in a new place. For today's post I'm going to be going through my top things to not do, I'm sure there are loads more so add your own to the comments section below.

Hobbledown Farm Surrey Review

When it comes to a fun and creative farm there is one in particular that I love to visit, located in Epsom Surrey this is the perfect place to take children if you want to learn about animals but also have a fun day out.