Spontaneous Vs. Planning

When it comes to planning a break I tend to be that person who has everything written down from bus times to where to eat and it all gets a little much. For my last few trips I decided to be a little more relaxed and not really plan much which made me really think is it better to be spontaneous or is it better to plan your trip.

My Favourite Travel Quotes

A travel quote can spark inspiration and can also take you back to a place where you felt you most happiest, in my scrapbook I have various travel quotes that put a smile on my face and lift my mood when I need it picking back up. I wanted to share a handful of my favorite for you today so here goes!

How To Pack Light

When I go on small local European breaks it can sometimes be a better option for me to travel light and with just a carry on case rather then a full case for a three night stay at a city. So I have put together a blog post on how I pack light and my travel tips for getting away with just flying with a carry on case.

Gift Ideas For A Wanderlust Lover

It's that time of year when travel guides are coming out and of course I have some ideas for you, I wanted to share my ideas for someone who loves to travel and what type of gifts you could get them.

Decorative Items
This is a great idea for someone who owns there own house and loves to have artwork or cute little travel items on there walls, From posters to scratch of maps this is an ideal gift for any travel lover. You could also go down the route or a little decorative globe or simple travel mug anything cute and travel related will thrill any wanderlust lover.