Creating The Perfect Itinerary

As much as I love a trip with no plan and just going with the flow I feel the need to every now and then create myself an itinerary. Most of the time it's pretty easy for me as I normally have a list of things that are a must see in the country and then I plan around that, but for today's post I'm going to be sharing my top tips on creating the perfect itinerary.

1st AirBnb Experience - Fail!

I've heard so much about AirBnb and have always wanted to book one for my trips, however most of the time Hostels or Hotels have been good prices to I've never had to book one. Until my trip to LA which you may have noticed I never did a Hotel review like I normally do, this is because I booked an AirBnb room instead which lets just say didn't really work out.

Who Inspires Me To Travel

When it comes to travelling there has to be a spark that sets off that inspiration and feeling to travel, for me the most of the time it comes from seeing pictures and reading up about a city that really makes me wants to explore and want to see the sights that everyone else is seeing.

European Bucket List

I always feel like I've seen most of Europe then I look at my map and can tell I've not even seen half of it, so I wanted to share my European Bucket list which hopefully over the next few years I shall achieve.