Traveling with Eurostar

One of the best ways to get into Europe is by train using the Eurostar, with cheap prices and short waiting times it's the perfect option. I traveled on the Eurostar in January 2014 and went by standard class to Paris. Tickets for a youth passenger is £69 return which is a fantastic price.

Booking is quite an easy process you just type in your details and pick a price and voila you have booked, they also give you the option to book seats which is helpful if you need a power socket as they only have them in two carriages. Standard class allows 30 minute check in, you can choose food from a waitrose buffet and that's about it, so a nice basic travel option.

Checking in was a bit hard due to the fact London St Pancras is large and you can get a bit lost, but once you locate the machines in which you need to print your ticket you can go through the the Eurostar waiting room. The waiting area has toilets, shops and restaurants as well as some helpful desks where you can pick up metro tickets and tour guides for Paris. After waiting 30 minutes you go through to the train station area where it's your job to find your carriage and hop onto the train.

The train had a lot of luggage space and was rather large, the seats on the other hand were not large at all they were in fact rather tiny and made it impossible to sit next to someone luckily the women next to me moved as she needed a plug socket, However in Standard plus you can book spacious seats. The train was in the tunnel for around 20 minutes before entering France, it went along countryside and then into Paris, it was a nice easy journey that I wouldn't mind doing again.

Getting of the train was nice and easy as you have your luggage and after a few security checks you go through an exit and you are in Paris Gare Du Nord station!

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