Travelling with Finnair

Finnair and Ryanair are classed as the economy and budget airlines for European flights, I've come across a lot of bad press for these airlines but on my recent trip to Helsinki I found myself using one of the airlines Finnair. At first I considered changing airlines but then I thought why? all I've heard is she said, he said and so I booked my flight with Finnair and set about my journey to Helsinki.

The best thing about Finnair is the price of flights, most of the European flights come under or just over £100 which I can not complain about. The flights have all the normal things you have on a high end flight but you can add extras such as extra baggage, pre made meals, seating and more but of course there is an added charge to do all these things. Finnair fly to Europe, America, Asia and the middle east at affordable prices.

Once on the plane I found the seats to be comfortable and a lot larger then most airlines, they have a fold out table and a screen in the head of the seat to view movies and to see the take off/landing of the plane. The staff on board are great and answering any questions, I fell asleep on the flight and awoke to a sandwich and drink in front of me which I hadn't asked for - this was a great extra and I was impressed they didn't just skip me as I was asleep. The flight wasn't over packed or full so I didn't have any customer problems but I did however need the toilet and had to queue for around 10 minutes before going to the loo as there were only two cubicles on the flight.

At the end of the flight the staff all come around and asked if everything was ok and also handed out chocolates, I was extremely impressed with the price, staff, overall flight and all the added extras and would never hesitate to book again with Ryanair or Finnair.


  1. This sounds absolutely fine to me. Have had a couple of nightmares with RyanAir but you get what you pay for and sometimes I really don't want to pay alot ha!

  2. Agree with Vintage Folly above, I've been on some nightmare flights before! Some where I was even shocked the airline was still running but this sounds like a great company.