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One of the main reasons I wanted to travel to Paris was to visit the many shops and shopping centers they have, I visited the two main shopping centers Galeries Lafayette and Primtemps, as well as having a stroll down  Champs Eylsees. I found there wasn't much information in my guide books for shopping so I decided to type up this post in order to help anyone who is going to Paris to hit the shops!

Galeries Lafayette
Is located on 40, Boulavard Haussmann the nearest metro being 7 - chaussee a'antin-la fayette is a large department store with 8 floors as well as two adjoining stores for Home items. You will find designer items from beauty, fashion to kids clothes some are at affordable prices but the 2nd and 3rd floor are home to designer brands which are guarded by doormen. There is also restaurants and coffee shops on all the floors apart from the 8th floor that is for one thing and one thing only, the amazing view. On the 8th floor you walk out onto a terrace and you can view the whole of Paris pretty much, it's a fantastic experience and its free!

Is a more affordable and less stressful shopping center with 9 floors and two adjoining stores for men fashion and women's fashion the middle store is for home and beauty. It's located pretty much next to Galeries Lafayette and as well as being next to a rather impressive large H&M! I found this store really fun to go around as it has a load of different brands all on one floor and it was affordable with some amazing sales.

Champs Eylsees 
Has a fantastic selections of shops and restaurants it's all on one straight street which also has some great monuments including the Arc De Triomphe and the Concorde. There are a lot of expensive and over priced designers stores for the more fashionable shoppers out there but they also have some fantastic high street stores such as H&M, Gap and a Disney store. They also have a rather large Sephora store and car dealerships if you fancy picking up a BMW on a Saturday afternoon!

I also found some lovely shops on all the small roads and lanes around the main shopping streets, such as near the Bl De Clichy near the Blanche station there are some lovely lanes and cute boutique shops that are worth getting lost in!

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