Torremolinos Spain

I traveled to Spain on my first girly holiday away with my sister back in 2010 when I was 18 years old, it was the first holiday I ever planned and booked all by myself and I'm quite happy with how it all went. We decided to go to Malaga but instead of staying in the main area we opted for a small village called Torremolinos which is to the west of Malaga.

Torremolinos has a great shopping vibe with a lot of hidden streets off stools and stands selling all sorts of gifts, presents and every day items. A short train ride away is a massive shopping centre with loads of shops including H&M, Next and a few Spanish brands, as well as having a great range of restaurants like McDonalds and a chip shop. The shopping cente is called Carrefour and is open 9am -10pm to get there hope on the train and get off at stop El Pinillo.

There is a fantastic nightlife scene in Malaga which pretty much comes alive as soon as the sun sets, with some brilliant bars and karaoke bars there's also some clubs just a short train drive away. They had some great drink deals and most bars/clubs had free entree with a few bars always giving out free shots. I visted a bar called Tina's bar and had a great time there they are very welcoming and have some amazing drinks deals, to get there its in the middle of the town centre and up a street called Calle Dona Maria Barrabino.

The beach is a short walk through the town and down a nice big hill going through all the market stools, it is a sand beach and its on the Costa Del Sol so it's quite warm. I found as we were only around 15 minutes away from Malaga it made a massive difference as the beach wasn't overcrowded and we were about to lounge about with the locals. We did however notice one day no one was in the sea and that was because there was around 100 jelly fish all at the front of the sea, they had also put the warning flags up so it must be a regular thing.

Torremolinos is a perfect destination for a holiday and I found it to be fun and safe as well as having loads to do!
Jess XoXoXo

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