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I'm one of those people that hear the word holiday and my head explodes with all the goodies I want to pack, I own two suitcases and around three travel bags but recently I've been planning to travel for more then a week and it got me thinking about what I would pack for a three month plus holiday. I use to go camping when I was younger and I would walk 15 miles or more in a day and on my back would be my bag which would get me through a two week holiday, if I compared that to what I take now on holidays it almost makes me go into hysterics as the bag is so small compared to the massive suitcases I take now.

So it got me thinking about what you actually need to take on holiday and what I would pack if going on a three month plus holiday. I'm planning to go to Europe in around two years for a 3 month trip so this is a perfect post for me to do and to see if I actually stick to it! I'll go through what I would pack and give some tips on how to get through three months with minimal items.

So the main items i'll be taking will be clothes these will take up most of my bag, I'll be aiming to take two pairs of jeans, three tops, a hoody and pj's. This may seem really small but you need to remember you are carrying all these items on your back when walking about, my top tip is when stopping at Hostel's and Hotel's always wash your clothes and try to book one hostels/hotels a week that you know has a washing machine.

Beauty Item's 
I would be looking at taking travel mini's with me but the basic's for example Lush do a Fun Soap which is a small dough like product which is a soap, shampoo and washes your clothes meaning you will need this and a toothbrush is your wash bag and that's it's. Take a small nail file instead of a large over sized one and always go for a lighter version of product so if your favorite deodorant comes in liquid and solid form check the weight and go for the lightest ones. My tip is to use Hotel's and Hostel's product they leave in the bath room to save your own products from running out.

Other Item's
Taking a towel with you on holiday can make your bag very heavy and be a nuisance to store so I would opted for a travel backpackers towel with absorbs all the water and is super lightweight. I would only take a single pair of shoes that are made for walking about all day and will last three months, if you are planning to take some more nicer shoes to wear as a special occasion go for foam like flip flops in order to make your bag as light as possible. You will need travel documents and entertainment for travel so I would take a tablet which may not seem safe but you can store all your travel documents and maps on there instead of taking maps and travel guides and you can play games on them if you get a little bored. Top Tip charge all items on trains as you travel, they can be charging and you can be enjoying the view.

I hope this has helped you out a little, I can't wait to start planning my three month break across Europe and I can't wait to use some of these tips myself!

Jess XoXoXo

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