UK Or Abroad?

I love a good holiday and when I say holiday people always assume I'm talking about jumping on a plane and jetting off to another country but this year I'm travelling to a few month UK destinations which I can't wait to go to. From Brighton, Crewe to Scotland I shall be going on small breaks and a week long holiday, so is travelling to the UK just as good as travelling to Europe.

The main attraction with travelling abroad is going to a beach were you can relax and sunbathe or splash about it the sea. My favorite beach has always been Minehead it's a pebble beach and a sand beach so if you fancy a sunbathe you can and if you have children going shell picking or pebble picking is perfect at this beach, but the one thing I love about this beach is the sights you can see right around Minehead and across the sea which is a lovely sight.

As well as going to the beach most 18+ people go on holiday to get drunk as the bars are cheap and cheerful, but have you ever been to a pound a pint night in Blackpool it's just as good as the cheap cocktails in a bar you're forgotten the name off. There's also a lot of people that get in trouble after a few to many and instead of dealing with a police officer who you can't understand or they can't understand you you can deal with a British police officer who will be able to point you in the right direction (or place you in the cells for the night!)

There's also the need for visiting main attraction while abroad but recently I've been to see some great places in the UK, on my last trip I visited the Brighton Palace and was amazed by how pretty it was. I've also been to visit Helsinki's Zoo which did overly impressed me but then I went to Edinburgh zoo and was blown away with how good it was. Over the last few years I've found I can have an equal amount of fun in both Europe and the UK.

Then of course there's shopping which I will put my hands up I'm a major shopaholic just ask the bank, but over the last few months I've come to release I love a good British shopping centre. It was mainly to do with Paris I was mooching around the top floor of there shopping centre when I noticed it was all roped off and there was a guard stood giving me evils, something I've never experience in the UK. And of course there's being fined at the airport if you happen to forget your not allowed the 200 bottles of your favorite perfume, something that wouldn't happen on a Sunday trip to Selfridges!

So UK or abroad? A very good question that maybe you can answer?

Jess XoXoXo

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