Edinburgh Museums and Galleries

Edinburgh is full of musuems and has a great selection off ones to visit most of them are free and have some great collections. Today's post I'm going to go through the ones I visited and to give you a little idea of which ones are worth going to, starting with my favorite and the one that is on most people's to do list.

National Museum Of Scotland
This impressive three story museum is one of the best I've visited with impressive dinosaur skeletons and fantastic knowledge points to test your knowledge it's the perfect place to visit alone or as a family. The museum is free and easy to locate on Chambers Street open 10am-5pm, I would highly suggest this museum to anyone who would like to learn about history but in a fun and interesting way.

Museum Of Childhood
This rather creepy yet interesting museum is in the perfect central location on the Royal Mile and with it being free it's a great place to visit. I found the museum quite good but a little unnerving in particular the doll room which is full of dolls which made my skin crawl a little. But there was some great sights like a puppet show and on old classic rocking horse which looked fantastic, it's open 10am-5pm and it's perfect for a family day out.

Scottish National Gallery
Located a short walk out of town on The Mound this free gallery which is open 10am-5pm is the perfect place to visit if you need a place to breath and relax. Walking around and seeing some impressive paintings was relaxing and impressive at the same time, it had some amazing paintings. It took me a good 2 hours to get around and I could of easily revisited and went around again.

Talbot Rice Gallery
Located in the University of Edinburgh all the art work is impressive and quite modern. I found it to be small but it left a good impression on me, it's another free museum which is open 10am-5pm. It's a great place to relax and take in some great art, I would say it's main audience would be adults but I'm sure kids would get some interested out of it.

So that's my take on some of the many impressive museums in Edinburgh, I would highly suggest visiting them and if you have any that you think I should of gone to then please let me know as I would love to visit Edinburgh again!


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