Things To Do In Edinburgh

It's safe to say Edinburgh has loads of sights and some great places to visit, I had so much fun when I went and could of easily stayed an extra week to fit more in. The few places that really stuck out for me and the places I would gladly go back to visit I'm going to share with you in this post, there's a few to go through so let's get started!

Edinburgh Castle
An impressive sight on top of a large hill this castle is the perfect place to visit for a fun day out, there is quite a lot of walking involved so I would suggest some good shoes. There are galleries and museums scattered throughout the castle and the sights you get along the way are magnificent. One of the places that stood out the most was the small dog graveyard which I thought was sweet and touching, also the prison which has been restore to great standards which was extremely impressive. The castle is located on Castle hill and is open from 9.30 to 6pm and cost's £16 for an adult and £9.60 for a child.

Camera Obscura 
Located next to Edinburgh Castle this impressive place to visit is full of fun and wacky things to see, on arrival you are guided all the way up six flights of stairs to have a guide on Camera Obscura and a little demonstration on how it works before being allowed to wonder through room after room of fun and interesting yet odd items. I really enjoyed myself and for kids this place would be amazing, at just £13.95 and being open from 9am-9pm it's the perfect place to visit!

Royal Botanic Gardens 
Located in Arboretum road a short walk from the centre the gardens are impressive, it seems to keep going and going with loads of wildlife and outdoor space it's prefect to go to if you need to clear your head. The gardens are open 10am-4pm and are great to spend a relaxing day in as it's free. Located in the gardens are the glasshouses which cost only £5 to enter and have a great range of exotic plants and impressive sights for you to see. Overall The Royal Botanic Gardens are great for a family fun day out and would be good for children of all ages and of course adults.

Edinburgh Zoo
Located a short bus ride out off town and costing only £16.50 this zoo made a real effort in making it guests feel welcomed and put on a really great show. The animals look looked after and in between visiting the animals you can go to show and tells which include some impressive animals and reptiles, they made you feel welcomed and really gave it some effort which I think it great for a zoo. I also got to see the Penguin walk which featured just three little penguins as the others didn't want to leave and put on a show but you could tell they enjoyed it and wasn't forced into it which I really liked.

So that's just a few interesting places to visit in Edinburgh, let me know if you have been to somewhere that would interest me!


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