Are Hostels As Good As Hotels

I have been travelling for five years now and in that time I've stayed in 1 hotels and 4 hostels which I know doesn't make me an expert but I have enough experience to write up a post trying to persuade people to save some money and stop being a snob. When I say too people I am going to stop in a Hostel there faces say it all, I get a disgusted look and even a shudder or to. But today I am going to share my love for a good hostel and why I think you should try them for yourself's.

I'm pretty sure that only a handful of people know that around 80% of hostels have private rooms, are you already confused? That's right you can have your own room all to yourself and not have to share a room with complete strangers. In all the hostels I've stay in, oh ok the four I have stayed in, I have not once ever shared my room as the idea of sleeping with strangers in the same room terrifies me. Instead I have a lush little room to myself but that's it, nothing more and nothing less.

It does mean however you need to share the toilet, shower, living room and kitchen which for some people may be hard. If like me you are able to get over the idea of sharing communal areas then what is stopping you booking that holiday! If not then read on, when on holiday ask yourself how much time you spend in the living room and kitchen and then ask yourself would you like some company, the thing you need to remember it that you will only spend a small amount of time in these rooms and when you do use them if someone else is there all you will normally get is some light chit chat and a friendly hello.

However the one thing I hate and sometimes try to avoid is sharing the toilet and if I can I will book a room with a private bathroom so I don't have to share. If however I can't then I take the necessary steps to avoid any hairy scary moments, I will normally take or buy my own toilet paper so I now I will always have some in time of need. I also go to some extremes and this may make me sounds odd but if I can get away with buying or taking a small bottle of bleach then I do, you don't want to use the toilet after someone has had a rather large poo now do you!

So now on to the fun part and to tell you why I love them so much, for the price! A normal hotel room for one night would be £60-£80 but for a hostel it will be £20-£30 which is a massive saving! I normally use some great compare sites like Hostel Bookers so I can compare hotels and get a great rating so there won't be any nasty surprises, so to answer my question in the tittle YES!

How about you has this changed your mind on staying in a Hostel?

Jess XoXoXo

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