Best Kind Of Guidebooks

One of the most used things when I go abroad is a guidebook and finding the right one for what you need is almost an essential to travelling. You want a book that's not to thick and overloaded with information but also one that is factual and holds enough information to keep you going. I've been using the same guidebook company for the six years that I've been travelling and find myself going back time after time to buy or reuse a guidebook.

The company which I use the most is Berlitz which have a series of pocket guide books starting from £4.99, these guidebooks I've found over the last few years to be the most helpful and most truthful books to follow. They are around 150 pages long and come in a very handy pocket size, included in the front and back page of the books are maps to the city or the train line.

The books themselves hold local information about the area as well as places to go, places to eat, shopping advice and hotel information. I was surprised to see how much one book could hold when I brought my first one but I was happy to see I had made the right decision. All the pages are coloured coordinated so you know what pages has what information on, but the pages are also split into different boroughs and neighborhoods to help you plan local tourist attractions.

So if you are after a helpful and interesting guide that pockets sized and purse friendly I would highly recommend Berlitz pocket guides.

Jess XoXoXo

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