Curvy Girls Guide To Keeping Cool

It's no secret that I'm curvy and I don't try to hide it but it does mean abroad in the heat I can melt and become a hot and sticky mess which is never a good look. So today I wanted to do a post on clothing and ideas on how to keep cool on the go but still look good.

Fans are a perfect idea you can either go for a small handheld electric fan to keep yourself cool or you can go for a colourful bright handheld manual fan that look attractive while keeping you cool and fresh looking. Ice is another fab thing to use to cool down especially if you place it onto the cool points of you body such as your wrists so when you next order a drink take a small piece of ice out the cup and place it onto your wrist, thank me later!

Clothing is important when it comes to travelling as you don't want to wear thick and heavy clothing that will make you feel uncomfortable and hot, so I tend to go for long shorts to cover my wobbly areas while still keeping cool with a simple tank top. If I feel more daring I will opt for a dress and wear little bike shorts under my dress so my legs don't rub in the heat, this is cooling yet practically while making you look summer ready.

Going to the beach can be a nightmare for curvy girls but only if you let it get to you, one thing I hate is getting into a bathing suite and flaunting my body around for everyone to see. So I go for cover ups that are floaty and keep me cool yet hide any areas I don't want people to see, or I wear control costumes which are great to create a figure that looks good.

So there are some helpful tips on keeping cool and looking good when travelling, hope you enjoyed on Monday it will be a post on travelling with children!

Jess XoXoXo

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