Travelling With Children

I have been travelling with my little brother for the last 8 years and have a lot of experience with dealing with all sort of situations when it comes to being on public transport with a child, as well as being on holiday with a child. So today I wanted to do a post on how to cope and some helpful tips dealing with travelling and kids.

On public transport it can be stressful when people are rushing about and you don't want to lose your child, a perfect way to control smaller child in to get reins as this will keep them close and also helps guide them with walking about. Older children can be entertained with reading or even guessing games, for example when I travel with my 8 year old brother on a train I ask him to guess what the first farm animal we will see and this keeps him entertained for at least 10 minutes.

On a plane it can be rather stressful with babies and even older children as I tend to find the people around me will get annoyed and this makes the child as well as myself stressed out. So I allow my brother to pack himself a bag of toys and books to keep him entertained this way he knows what's in there and what to except as well as him knowing what to ask for. If you do get into a situations where the child starts to cry and get upset you could always try and ask the cabin crew if the child can see the cock pit of the plain which will entertain the child and hopefully stop them crying.

I also found that preparing them for going on the journey so they can spot things and know what is coming up is always handy as you will always have something to talk about which will keep them entertained. If they know what's coming up you can make them excited for the journey and also prepare yourself if there happens to be a long period of time with nothing to see and do you will be already prepared.

Hopefully this post has been helpful to some people, let me know some suggestions below on helpful tips with travelling with children. On Friday I shall be posting about Travel Anxiety!

Jess XoXoXo

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