A Honest Post On How Much A Holiday Costs

I am the type of person that will always look out for bargains and try to get the price a little cheaper then everyone else but then when you ask people how much they spent it seems like a taboo to tell someone. So today I wanted to do a post to give a realistic view on how much it's going to cost you to travel as a solo traveler.

So let's talk flights which for me lend to be the most expensive thing to pay for when travelling, I like to go with lowcost airline as you will get a better deal and price then going for a popular airline company. So for Europe travelling with Finnair, Ryanair or KLM it will cost you around £70 for a return flight and that is just for your flight. To pick a seat it will cost you around £12 and to add bags to your total it will cost you around £15 per bag so £30 in total so all togather a flight to Europe from UK will cost £112.

Next up you will need a place to stay, to keep it lowcost I go for private rooms in Hostels which are a great option if you want to keep the cost low. A room with cost around £10 a night and that a basic room with no shower or fridge just a bedroom, you will share everything else in the hostel. So if your staying a long weekend your looking at £40 a week £70 which doesn't seem to bad at all! I look on websites like Hostelworld and Hoselbookers.

Spending money is going to be different for all areas in Europe as some are more expensive then others and you will be spending more in one city then another so it's hard to get spending money right. I tend to do around £50 a day to keep me going as this will pay for food and attractions and hopefully a bit of money for shopping, so your looking at £200 for a long weekend and £350 for a week which isn't to bad but that is just for Europe!

So last up you will need to think of things like Insurance, train tickets to your airport or taxi money, visa money and of course some spare money for an emergency so in total around £100. So to sum up it will cost you around £632 for a week away to your favorite European country! Let me know your tips below on how to get it cheaper!

Look out on Friday for my tips on long haul travelling!

Jess XoXoXo

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