How To Survive A Long Haul Flight/Journey

For some people the worse part about going on holiday or to see a new cities in the travel side of things such as a four hour car journey or an 8 hour flight to a new destination. As soon as they arrive there ok but the worry of having to do that long haul journey it always there at the back of there minds, so today I wanted to do a post on how to beat and survive a long haul journey when travelling alone.

Keeping yourself occupied is my main tip - so take alone a new book one that you haven't started yet and one made for the purpose of that trip. So for me a good crime/thriller book will keep me gripped for a good few hours before I need to put it down for a rest. Listening to music is always a good idea, I save an album or two and won't listen to them until I plan to travel (which can be hard) but then I have something to look forward to and something to enjoy while on my long haul adventure.

If your traveling somewhere new that require you to learn the language a great way to learn in to download a basic tutorial and learn away on the few hours you have before getting there.That way you will be nice and fresh with learning the new language and you will feel more confident when it comes to stepping off the plane and asking for help.

Have a nice pamper - which may seem odd but giving yourself that hour on a flight or car journey will do wonders for your skin and will take up time so you will be happy on your journey as well as looking fab when getting off the other side. Most airlines allow you to take liquids on board in presented in a small clear bag so don't worry about not being able to take your favorite cleanser on board just double check the restrictions and your good to go.

Get creative and do some planning - I love nothing more then to write out a list or to do a doodle on my notepad so take on board or take in the car with you a notepad and a pen or two. If you want to go all out you can pick up a adult or kids colouring book which will keep you entertained for hours! Or of course you can jot down some ideas of what you want to get up to on your holiday as this may seem more sane to others around you!

So that's it for my tips on Monday shall be Things To Do In Oxford!

Jess XoXoXo

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