Things To Do In Birmingham

I grew up in Birmingham and to this day still love the city, it may have a bad reputation but to me it's home and there are to many great things there to not miss out on a visit to the great city of Birmingham. I shall be sharing a small list of attractions there are quite a few so it's only going to include ones I know and love so don't worry if I don't include every attraction from the city!

Cadbury World
A great place to go if you are a lover of chocolate, I used to live around the corner of the factory and to this day I blame them for my weight gain! But the tour is really impressive and included is of course some chocolate which comes in a small cup which is melted down and then you add your own flavours like buttons or strawberry laces. There is also a large lunch area and small play ground to keep kids entertain, but a small fun fact for you - in the grounds in a swimming pool that local schools use for lessons and no not made of chocolate!

How could I miss shopping off my list Birmingham is my go to place to shop, you have the centre with the Bullring and main shopping area or you can get on a bus and visit Merry Hill which has some great shops. You also have the covered markets which are a great hit for shoppers, if you also visit the city in winter there are the German markets which I adore going to.

Canon Hill Park
My favorite park growing up as a child and to this day one I visit with my little brother, it's a great park located 2 miles from the town centre and has a great set of hills to run around as well as a large duck pond and play area for kids. They have a large range of events that happen at the park and there is never a dull moment there, It's the perfect place to visit in summer!

Sea Life Center and Think Tank
If you are visiting the city with children the Sea Life Center and Think Tank are perfect places for children with some great educational features and fun things to keep them occupied you can't go wrong when visiting them. The Sea Life Center has some great tanks of fish and impressive sea creatures, where the Think Tank has some brilliant science pieces to keep children entertained for hours. There is a small entrance price to pay for both attractions but they are worth it.

So that's a small list of places to visit if you go to Birmingham hopefully it will encourage more people to go, On Monday I shall be posting a post on all the places I'm planning to visit.

Jess XoXoXo

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