Things To Do In Hampshire/Surrey

Hampshire and Surrey are in the South of the UK, it's the perfect place to go to for fun things to do with children or if you fancy a short break of your own. So today I wanted to do a post on some main attractions in Hampshire/Surrey that would suit the family.

I adore Birdworld and feel it's a great attraction for any age, located in Farnham and prices starting from £11.95 you can't go wrong. The main attraction is of course the birds which range from exotic birds to penguins and then of course wild birds to a cheeky Robin that follows you around the park. But included in your ticket price is a trip into Jenny Wren Farm which is a petting zoo and shop as well with farm animals such as goats, bunnies, chickens and peacocks it's a great place to go to. If you wasn't satisfied with the farm and looking at the birds you could always go to the aquarium which is included in your ticket price as well, it's only a small one but it's perfect if you need time out or some time to relax.

Thorpe Park
Thorpe Park based in Surrey is one of many theme parks based in the UK which offers a family fun day out at the cost of £24.99 if brought online at the gate it is £49.99 so you do save a lot booking online. They put in a lot of effort at the park which makes it more fun then just a normal fun fair, they do live music events as well as short breaks at the park. They have rides for all age groups and also a great website to help build your own ride package so there's no nasty surprise half way through a ride your own.

Marwell Wildlife Park
Marwell zoo is based in Hampshire and is a fab place to go to if you want to visit a well looked after a presentable zoo, ticket prices start from £19 for an adult which is great to pay to visit such a great zoo. There is loads to see and do here and the animals are all so well looked after, the park is really nicely mapped out and the park was clean which I really liked. It's a great place for kids but also a great place for adults to, they also do zoo days where you can be a keeper for the day.

Houses and Parks
In Surrey there are so many great hills and houses to look at you can't get bored or run out of ones to visit so of the great parks and public houses in surrey are Pembroke Lodge, Savil Garden, Ham House, Waverley Abbey, Richmond Park and North Downs. They are all perfect for long walks and to take in the views of Surrey, you could even take the kids with a picnic and get some sun while admiring the pretty houses.

An odd one to include as most people would go more down south to go to a beach but Surrey has a hidden beach or two in Frensham. It's a small perfect beach which is perfect for small getaways and taking the kids to a less busy main beach. It's a no dog beach so no need to worry about stepping in poo and sorry for any dog owners but they will have to stay at home.

So that's it for now plenty to keep you entertain but i'll be doing some more of these posts for Oxford and Birmingham, On Monday I explain how much an actual European trips costs!

Jess XoXoXo

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