Things To Do In Oxford

I only live 20 minutes from Oxford and seem to be there more then in my town I currently live in, there are some great attractions in Oxford that are worth a blog post on so today I shall be going through a handful of attractions to get you interested and to help you plan a trip to the beautiful city of Oxford.

The main reason I go to Oxford is to shop, it's no secret that Oxford has some great stores from the MAC counter in the Debenhams store to the giant Waterstones and then of course to the large tidy Primark store. You can't go wrong if your looking for a shopping area there are so many shops you can't get bored and then there are so many cafes when you do you can have a nice pit stop. The city has a two small shopping centres, around three main streets of shops and then the famous covered market which has some great stools and shops in.

Carfax Tower
You can't really miss this tower just go to the centre of the city and look for the massive group of tourists and bingo you have Carfax Tower. It's a rather pretty tower which looks almost to small to be classed as one but once you get to the top you will know exactly why it's called a tower. They have a few events each year around the tower and there is a small charge to get into the tower but it's worth it.

Pitt Rivers Museum
My favorite museum to visit as it's so small but has so much in there you get wowed at every corner, the most impressive piece is of course the dinosaur bones which haunting follow you around the main room making you look over your shoulder at every turn. The admission into the museum is free but as it's such a grand and great museum they could easily charge.

University Buildings
An odd one but some of the university buildings are so grand and pretty that they must be worth a visit. They also have a fantastic park which is worth a visit as well. It's no secret that Oxford has a great university and on every street corner you seem to be faced with another building from them.

I adore going to the impressive Oxford theatre as the building is so grand and beautiful you can't miss it, they have shows on each night as well as tours from comedians and sometimes to odd gig. But ticket prices are actually affordable and if you can get a seat then I would really recommended it as it's a great experience.

So that's it for this post a small handful of fun things to do in Oxford, Friday I shall have a post on How to eat out alone abroad!

Jess XoXoXo

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  1. Ohhh, thank you! I'm bookmarking this for my upcoming London/Oxford trip :)