Upcoming Holidays and Places I Want To Go

With New York being just two weeks away I have been planning my next trip abroad and also thinking about the other places I would like to go so for today's post I shall be going through my next trip and places I will be going to after. For Europe I only have a few places left before I have seen all the places I would like to see but further a field I have one or two trips that are on my bucket list.

Romania, Brasov 
My first European trip is going to be Brasov which is in Northern Romania, I shall be going there is just 6 months so already have a few plans up my sleeve. The main reason I would like to go is to see Bran Castle which is the famous Dracula's castle in the sleepy town of Bran, I also want to go on a guided tour or the areas around Bran. There is also the Black Church I am interested in seeing as well as the thinnest street in Europe 'Rope Street'. So next up on my travels is a weekend trip to Romania.

I am hoping to do a trip just 6 months after Romania to Greece as well as Italy in the same week spending three days in each place before heading back home. I decided to do these sister destinations together as it was cheaper then two different holidays. I've been to Greece and Italy as a child and have always wanted to go back so these two destinations have been on my hit list for a while now. I love how the beaches look so peaceful and the streets all wind into one making the places extremely admirable.

My last Europe trip shall be to Amsterdam where I shall be going all out and splashing the cash to stay in a hotel and not a hostel as well as spending some money to go shopping. I have always loved Amsterdam as it's such a pretty peaceful destination as well as having loads to see and do there, I have always dreamt about going there so shall be heading there in early 2017 hopefully. It's not to far away from the UK so it should hopefully be a really nice last trip from Europe before I go to my next big place.

It has been a big dream of mine to go to Tokyo and after New York and realising with some saving it's doable I have been researching non stop. It looks so nice out there with tons of stuff to do and see as well as some really nice shopping areas, I'm sure I will need more then a week going out there. My main worry is the long flight and the language barrier but once I get over my two main worries I shall be looking forward to going there.

So there's my next few holidays planned for the next two/three years hopefully I shall still be blogging and you can catch up with how they go! On Friday it's the start of my New York Posts as it will be just 17 days before I head off to the big city, so I shall be posting about what I want to see and do while I'm there.

Jess XoXoXo

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