What Travelling Has Taught Me

If you had asked me as a 16 year old if I wanted to travel I would of said yes to a beach to relax and sunbathe but now as a 24 year old the idea of going to a beach is fun but not what I'm looking for. Over the last four years I have been drawn to cities and have had some great adventures without visiting a single beach.

I have learnt that exploring is acceptable and is freely allowed when visiting a new place which has meant I've discovered some lovely places and found some great people on the way. For example in Spain I have bonded with a guy over his HIM watch his was wearing, or in Helsinki I have bonded with a girl over her love for the band we would both be seeing that night and it's these experiences that keep me going back for me.

My love to explore and discover new things has been at it's peak over the last few years and the idea of giving it up or not doing it anymore almost makes me feel a little sick. I want to be able to grow up and tell my children stories and make them laugh over the things I have done, I always want them to beg for me to take them to the same places I have been to and loved.

So travelling has taught me to be free and explore as much as I can while being kind and friendly in order to makes friends and memories with people I will never see again. It's taught me to explore new tastes and try new food that we can't get over in the UK when was the last time you had a reindeer burger?

It has brought me out of my shy and sensitive self to a blossomed carefree and happy individual who will makes friends with anyone and also take the first leap into an adventure, would I change it for anyone? Hell no!

On Friday look out for my Things To Do In Hampshire post!

Jess XoXoXo

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  1. Really great post :) when I was younger I was all about a beach holiday too with very little else but now, cities, mountains and everything in between appeal to me as well!
    So glad to hear how it's helped you to become so confident also :) xx
    Wander with Laura