My Make Up Case and Wash Bag For New York

One of my favorite things to do is pack my wash bag and my make up case as I love to take new things and try out new products as they always come in handy cute little mini bottles. While my make up case stays the same I tend to be a bit more daring and try new make up items out so tend to mix some old with new and do some trial looks while away.

For my wash bag I have my Primark £6 sailor themed bag which I love it has three handy compartments but one I've used for my hand luggage so everything else has squeezed into the two other clear sections. In my main wash section I have my Dove Shampoo/conditioner which I use at home so only thought it would be natural to take a mini, I've also got my Body Shop Olive shower gel which has an incredible fresh scent. I'm taking along my snap razor from Venus so needed a good body butter so I opted for Soap and Glory's Righteous butter.

For when I get out the shower I've got my Bumble and Bumble thickening spray as well as my Charles Worthington heat defense spray, both these products work so well together and leave my hair looking and feeling fab. For skin care I'm taking my Rose Scented face cream and cleansing gel which I'm yet to use but can't wait to try out, as well as my Balance Me face wash which works really well for my skin type. Lastly I have my Colgate mini toothpaste and my Listerine mouthwash which is a must really for going on holiday!

My make up case is my Zoella case which is perfect for New York as it fits loads in while being fabric so it fits nicely into my case. The design is really cute I love the polka dot design but I also love the easy to clean inside of the bag as it does get messy storing all my make up.

My make up that I'm taking is my MAC collection so the foundation and concealer but I shall be taking my everyday powder which is Make Up Revolution as they all work so well together, to add some colout to my cheeks I'm taking my Rose shade of blusher from MAC . I'm also taking my Soap and Glory brow pencil and my everyday mascara which completes my everyday make up. My added items are my eyeliner from as well as my Emite smokey black eye shadow but to prime my eyes I'm taking a new primer that I'm yet to use. For lips I have a rose nude shade of lipstick form Natural Collection, my Sleek paint pot in a natural shade as well as a beige lip gloss but to add a pop of colour I'm taking my MAC Morange lipstick.

A few extras in my case is my perfume in the small rollerball from River Island in the scent Paris, My nail varnish for the holiday which is Tanya Burr's Mischief Managed and of course a nail set in case I chip or break any nails!

My next post is going to be on the 14th and i'll be outfit planning and showing you what else I'm packing in my case!

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