My Outfits For New York

I've finally got my case together and packed for New York next week, it's been a struggle as the weather in New York is slightly more unpredictable then I first thought as it's been going from 20 to 33 degrees and leaving me struggling to pack summer or autumn clothes!

My outfits are all pretty dark as I wanted to pack for Autumn so I'm taking a pair of black jeans, blue jeans, printed jeggings and a stripey skirt. I'm also taking two over-sized tops in black and white, a stripey vest top, my burgundy flower top and my Jurassic World top. For going over my clothes I've opted for my denim shirt and my black hoody but if it does rain I've also got my pack a mac to keep me protected.

If it does get cold I've got my burgundy printed scarf and my wool hat to keep me warm and to add some style to an outfit. For jewelry I've got a nice mixture of silver pieces like my bow necklace and my bunny necklace, to go with my turtle and small stud earrings, if I fancy a change I have my mustache and heart ring.

So that's pretty much all I'm going to be showing you before going off to New York! I shall be returning at the end of September with a lot of blog posts on the city!

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