What I'm Looking Forward To In NYC

So it's only 17 days until I get on a flight and head over to New York City which is oh so close now yet oh so far away, the next two weeks is going to drag so to keep myself entertained I am doing a set of 5 blog posts all surrounding New York so look out for my Travel Outfit and What's In My Hand Luggage which shall be coming soon, once I pack. But for today I wanted to share with you what I'm most looking forward to and why I want to go to New York so badly, so here goes!

The one thing I really want to experience in the supersized meals which may seem on odd one to start with but going in somewhere and being able to gorge on a meal that's supersized before leaving a feeling sick has been my dream since a kid. Just the idea and having a massive plates of pancakes or a burger the size of my head makes my tummy flutter with excitement. As well as exploring the supermarkets and seeing what sweets and goodies I can find in the local markets, I can wait to buy a box of Lucky Charms and not have to worry if the store will stock it next month as in America they 100% will!

Outfit spotting and a little celeb watching is on my list of things to do, which again by now your screaming at me to get my butt down to the Empire State Building or the 9/11 memorial. Do not fret I shall be outfit watching while strolling through Central Park and admiring the animals in Bronx Zoo, however if I do spot a celeb don't expect me to take in the views as I shall be getting my selfie on with them!

Having a walk through Times Square makes me want to sequel in excitement at just how big it will be and how much will be going on for me to look at. Not to mention the street performers and the shops surrounding the mighty Times Square. Not to mention Central Park being two blocks from my hostel and the fact I get to walk through it each time I want to go anywhere is making my head rush with all the photo opportunity's coming up. I must not however forget of course Lady Liberty which I'm most looking forward to mostly for the boat ride but to also see her up close!

So that's it for today's post on Monday I shall be posting what's in my hand luggage (once I pack it of course)!

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