What's In My Hand Luggage For New York

I've managed to get my hand luggage together without going over any limits and without packing anything unnecessary which impressed me quite a lot! As in the past I always go over board and pack things that are just not needed or I end up under packing and having nothing to do on the flight.

My bag is a Primark special and I always love using it as it has a really handy front compartment as well as a zip up main compartment for all my valuables. It's a plain black and gold style bag that goes with most of my outfits and also fits well in the size requirements for the airport.

In the front compartment will be where I keep my main documents and everything I need for getting on the flight like my passport and all my hotel details, that way it's all the hand and I don't have to worry about not being able to find it quickly when needed. I tend to keep it all in a handy black folder which is easy to find and not that easy to lose .

In my main compartment off my bag I have a few entertainment items such as my ipod and a crime book to keep me sane on the flight and to not get to bored. The book is from my favorite Author who writes amazing crime books, while my ipod has been updated with some new playlists so I can listen to some new songs whilst trying to snooze.

I also have a small case which is filled with handy items that I will need on my flight such as tic tacs and hand sanitisers in case I need to freshen up or get my hands into any sticky messes. I'm taking my small travel brush and some hair ties in case I need to tie my hair up as it tends to get frizzy when I fly. Lastly in my small case I have a handy neck pillow which is in a small case to keep it protected, just in case I want to sleep I have it handy so I can nap without getting cramp.

Lastly I have my purse which will be needed to splurge on magazines and to get to my hotel, the purse matches my bag with a rather cute bee design on the front which I love. It's also full of all my US dollars and all my cards to help get me around the city!

So that's all I'm taking in my hand luggage I hope you enjoyed nosing through and stay tuned for my next post on What's In My Make Up Case and Wash Bag. which will be up on the 11th.

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