Flying With Norwegian Air

Norwegian Air is an airline company from Norway which do affordable flights from the UK to New York, it was my first time flying with the company and I had no ideas as to what to expect as most of the people I know have never flown with them. My flight cost me £600 for a direct flight from London to JFK airport it was an 8 hour flight but there was some delays making it 10 hours one way and 9 hours the other way.

The plane is massive and has rows of 9 rather then the classic smaller planes I've been on which only have 6, this meant the aircraft had a gran total of 8 toilets on board which does include 2 in first class. I found the plane to be clean and the seats where comfy while the heating was just right and the lighting was good, so overall it's a great aircraft to pick if you want a decent flight.

They have a lot of extras which I loved! One of them was the touchscreen entertainment screen on the back of the seat in front, this had films and games as well as an ordering system to order food or blankets but the one thing I loved was the in flight tracking system which gave you a look at where the plane was and how far away you were. You also had a fan and a little over head light if you wanted to read and of course a button for calling the members of staff if you needed anything. I also got to try out some in flight food and was pleasantly surprised as the food was really good and I got not one but two meals a hot one of rice and chicken with a pudding and a cold drink, then a cold one of a sandwich with a cookie and a cold drink.

The staff were friendly and pleasant and dealt with problems really well, for example on the way back some condensation had formed and then dripped onto the gentleman sat at the end of my aisle of seats, he called the staff and they came with smiles and apologies explaining what it was while wiping him down before offering him another seat in case it happened again.

Overall Norwegian Air is an airline company I would happily fly with again and can't see why anyone would dislike them!

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