Getting Around NYC

New York City is pretty large meaning you will need some sort of transport to get from point a to b, luckily I have used two modes of transport so I can share with you how easy it is to get around NYC and not panic. I will be letting you know how to walk around New York, Getting a cab and of course using the metro.

The best way to see the sights is of course to walk around the city but doing so means you will need a decent pair of shoes and the mind of a New Yorker. If you are in Uptown and need to get to Midtown or even Downtown I would highly advise making your way to Central Park and walking either through it or around it, there are less crossing and you get to see the beauty of Central Park on the way. Another thing to remember is streets are sometimes one way so if you fancy crossing before the white man appears (naughty!) make sure you look the right way and don't spend to long looking for cars coming the other way when there won't be any!

Using the metro is stressful and can be a nightmare but it will be your friend at the end of the trip, there are so many lines and some even have the same name! If you can avoid getting on at any of the main stops such as Grand Central or 97St as they will be packed and you will struggle to get on, instead I would advise walking to the next stop and then getting on as it will be easier. Make sure you are aware that some lines share the same name, if you get to 97St make sure it's the right line and not west or east as you could end up in the wrong part of town!

Hailing a cab for the first time is rather nerve-wrecking as it could all go wrong - you might get run over or it might not stop and embarrass you. What you need to remember is hail a cab with the sign that's on which means it available to use and also that the drivers are looking for work and will be looking for your waving hand so do not fear. A great tip is that you can use your card in the cab and it all comes up on a screen in front of you, so if you don't want to chat to your driver you can pay a tip and pay in full right there on the handy screen!

So those are my travel tips for you, look out for my next post 'Getting over Jetlag' coming up on Monday!

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