Morningside Inn - New York Hostel Review

Morningside Inn is located in upper Manhattan a short two block walk away from Central Park, so a great location if you want a quiet hostel which has easy links to the city but also a lot going on around it. It is a hostel so it's a basic room choice but it has all the goodness of a hotel to offer as well as more, I stayed in a single room so this will be a private room review and not a shared dorm review.

I arrived late and I mean 2am late but was so surprised to see a happy and friendly member of staff sitting and waiting to check me in. He explained the hostel layout and gave me my room key as well as the wifi information, he was really pleasant and I was happy to see a friendly face after a 10 hour flight. The hotel is easy to get around and has a lift if you have heavy luggage and once you locate your floor all the doors are labelled well so it's easy to locate your room as well.

My room was small and basic but had everything I needed which was a bed a set of drawers a handy bedside table and an air con. The bed was clean and the room looked clean as well I also had a fresh towel and some soap as well. I only had one room as I was sharing the kitchen and toilet facilities but was happy to see two toilets and shower rooms between around 6 rooms which was great.

The shower room was large and spacious as well as being clean and having a powerful shower. The kitchen was again nice and clean and had a sink, oven and a microwave but doesn't have cutlery or plates but they are cheap enough in the local store.

Overall the hostel was a basic but clean one with a great location and lovely staff members, I did also take advantage of there free bag storage they offered.

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