Central Park

I was lucky enough to be only a few blocks away from the impressive Central Park when staying in New York, I was impressed a lot by how big and how much there was to see in there but also at how something so peaceful could be in the big loud and daunting New York City.

Central Park is 2 and a half miles long and took me around an hour to walk through when not looking at all the pretty sights and a day to get through when mooching! There is enough to see and do to spend a whole day here which is perfect for anyone feeling the stress of the city or if you are travelling with children and need to time to recuperate.

Starting at the bottom of central park near midtown you have the impressive zoo which is a great place to go if you are wanted to see some impressive animals and need a day out. Along with some parks and a pond and lots of little walk ways to see and explore.

In the middle of the park you come across Belvedere Castle which looks rather impressive in front of the Jackie Onassis Reservoir which takes a while to walk around but you get some pretty amazing views of the park which impressed me a lot.

At the end you come across some more parks and lots of hills to climb but also some tennis courts and running paths for any fitness fanatics. I really enjoyed walking along the North Meadow and taking in the views as well as watching the runners go by with all kinds of dogs.

The one thing I loved about the park was seeing all the park workers attending to maintenance or just attending the the up keep of the park which I liked a lot, as I walked through the park most days I saw them each day and saw how hard they worked at keeping the park clean and tidy but also really pretty.

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