Meow Parlour - Cat Cafe

In the middle of Chinatown in New York among the hustle and bustle of the city is a small little cafe which may look like a nice place to sit and chat with friends but one thing may seem odd, that it's full of cats! That's right I went to the lovely Meow Parlour on Hester Street in New York and loved every minute of it!

The cafe itself is located around the corner and sells some amazing cakes and sweet treats that you are welcome to take over to eat in the cat cafe. The Cafe looked clean and well presented with the staff friendly and happy making it relaxed and stress free unlike the stressful mess of China town itself.

Once inside the cat area I was told some simply rules and to take my shoes of before being allowed to plays and sit with the cats, I loved how the owners knew what they were doing and spoke in a professional way which put me at ease that the cats were being looked after.

There were toys and beds everywhere and little comfy cushions for the cats or ourselves but most importantly little doors for the cats to leave when they wanted to. There was a lovely wall display in which cats could sit and sleep away from the play area which I loved, but also plenty of chairs and tables for everyone to sit on.

The cat cafe is perfect for any cat lover and if you are a permanent resident of New York they are all up for adoption!

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