Times Square

Times Square is just as big and manic as you expect it to be, but don't be put off going there as they is some great sights to see and also some great shops there as well. I started my day at the Rockefeller Centre and then wondered across to Times Square which meant I was there at lunch time, so after some lunch at Five Guys I was smack bang in the middle of Times Square.

The buildings and lights are big and loud and the people are pushy as they all seem to be getting somewhere, if you find it to much I would recommend going to Duffy Square. The Square is much quieter and you can sit on the steps without being pushed and shoved. Also surrounding the square are some amazing shops such as Toys R Us, Sephora and much more.

Just off of Duffy Square is the main strip of Broadway where all the shows are played so if you fancy going to a show I would advise visiting the ticket booth behind Duffy Square to try and get some tickets, or booking some tickets for later in the week.

Right near Times Square is Bryant Park and of course the Empire State Building, so there is plenty to do!

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