Edinburgh Central Youth Hostel Review

The hostel is a short walk out of the centre located on Haddlington Place, it has a mixture of mixed rooms as well as private rooms. Me and my sister opted for a private room at the hostel paying just £20 each, this included a twin room with shower.

The hostel is easy to find and is within good walking distance of the town centre, it's in a quiet area and even though it has a bar downstairs it doesn't get to loud that you can't sleep. They have no curfew so there doors are open 24/7 and the staff were friendly enough to me and my sister. The rooms are pretty basic but for a hostel there good, the toilets are great as they are separate to the showers and the beds are pretty comfortable.

You do however have to pay for towels and if you want breakfast which is understandable at a hostel, they also have a drink machine available, wifi, laundry room and communal areas. It's a pretty big hostel so looks more like a hotel but they extras make it more of an impressive hostel.

Over all I would happily stay here again and would recommend it to anyone staying in Edinburgh.

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