Rockefeller Center

One of my most requested places to visit from family and friends was the Rockefeller Center which I was not expecting to be a shopping centre and a rather tall building with amazing views. There's also cafes and restaurants in there as well as the famous ice skating rink, it really did surprise me how big and how much there was to see and do here.

To get my tickets I had to go to a small shop and purchase them which was across the shopping centre to the actually tower itself, but after a short wait I was given a time and then I was able to go into the tower. To get up to the top you need to go into a lift which get you up to the top rather quickly and also shows you some amazing images on the way!

Once I was up in the sky you leave and go out onto an outdoor area which shows you amazing sights of the city, it was rather cloudy up there but it was still a beautiful sight to see. You can go even further up and see the sights from an even taller height and there's also telescopes to see even more if you want to.

Going back down in the lift and into the shopping centre it feels pretty odd to know you were just up so high seeing amazing sights and now your back down in the crowds of people doing there shopping.

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