Amsterdam Museums

I visited 4 museums when I went to Amsterdam three of them being just a short two minute walk away from my hostel and one being in the centre. I went to the Van Goth, Stedelijk, Rijksmuseum and The Amsterdam Museum all of which are worth a visit and are completely different to each other which I loved.

The Amsterdam Museum is located in the centre and is easy to find if you are near the Dam Square or Nine Streets. It's a modern museum which uses electronic guides to guide you around the museum and tells you all about Amsterdam with the history to the modern viewpoint. It's great to spend a quiet afternoon and for only 12.50 euros you can't go wrong.

The Rijksmuseum is located out of town and in the museum quarter by the Concert Hall, it's an art museum showing classic drawings and art work. It's great to walk around and get lost in some of the classic art pieces while taking it all in the light and bright rooms really relax you, this museum is 17.50 euros.

The Stedelijk museum is a modern art museum with some very odd and wonderful pieces it's a great place to go on a cold day and get lost in some of the twisted dark pieces as well as taking in some of the more moving art pieces that stay on your mind the rest of the day. Its located in the same area as the Rijksmuseum and costs only 15 euros.

Lastly my favorite museum is the Van Gogh which is located again the the museum quarter and you may have to queue to enter the museum but it's worth it. Going through all of Van Goghs paintings and showing his best work right from the beginning then showing art work from his friends it's really hard to not get lost in this museum and spend the whole day there. At just 17 euros it would be rude to not pay a visit!

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