Artis Royal Zoo Amsterdam

Located just a short walk from the centre of Amsterdam is the Artis Zoo which is a fantastic family day out and has some amazing animals to see. For just 20.50 euros you can enjoy the zoo along with the aquarium and for just another 7 euros you can enjoy the Micropia museum as well.

It's a great place to go if you want to see animals roaming around and treated well, all the animals looked happy and well looked after and a lot of them were out of cages and in large areas for them to play and live. I loved how open it all was and nothing seem to cramped or looked to messy which was lovely to see. Most of the animals which were caged or behind glass were small ones such as birds or spiders etc but there cages/glass tanks were large and clean.

My favorite room to see was the butterfly building which had loads of butterflies all flying around and in the correct environment (a large very hot room!) but they also had food bowls around them and loads of secret hiding places. When leaving the room there was glass tanks full of new butterflies all cocooned and waiting to be reborn which was lovely to see.

There was buildings all around the zoo full of animals such as fish, bugs, spiders, crocodiles and birds which was nice to see. There was also the large animals roaming around outside such as lions, giraffes and free foaming red pandas which were very cute.

This is a great zoo to visit if you ever go to Amsterdam, with it being one of the oldest it really hasn't lost its charm which was lovely to see!
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