Flying With KLM Airlines

When I was planning my trip to Amsterdam the airline that kept making an appearance was KLM which is a Dutch airline that operates a service from Birmingham to Amsterdam and back. You can book either on the Boeing aircraft or there cityhopper aircraft's, I was lucky enough to book with both so I'm able to give a full review for you today.

The Boeing aircraft is a standard six seats per row , this was the aircraft I got to Amsterdam from Birmingham. The check in was easy and getting to the flight was pretty simple. I was greeted when getting on the flight and was happy to have a clean and well presented aircraft space. It's a very basic flight as it's only 55 minutes long but you are handed a small snack box in the middle of the flight, which impressed me a lot.

The Cityhopper flight was a little bit more basic and standard with only 4 seats a row and a smaller capacity level it's great for short flights. I got this when going through Amsterdam to Birmingham and was shocked to find how bad and how stressful getting to the aircraft was, the staff were great however the airport itself was awful. Due to the fact I was stressed and annoyed I was delighted to see happy staff members and again another little snack box.

I found KLM easy to book with great prices my flight cost me only £110 for one piece of checked in luggage and picking my own seat. The staff were very friendly and the service was great, I felt safe and comfortable flying with the airline.

For short flights there my go to airline, have you tried them out before what were your thoughts?

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