Heineken Experience Amsterdam

A short walk from the centre of Amsterdam is the Heineken Experience which is a must do for anyone travelling through Amsterdam. It's great for anyone who likes a beer but if you don't there is so much to do that you will still have fun.

You start with a tour around the factory learning about beer and how it's made, a little of the background of how Heineken started and also a look at there promotion techniques such as the lovely horses that pull the cart. A walk around the factory takes around 45 minutes before a little fun 4d movie which is very fun indeed and you come to the taste test!

After testing the beer and learning how to drink it you are taken through the several rooms to do fun activity's such as photo-booths, learning to pour a beer and video games. This is great for all ages and brings out the inner child in everyone.

After the tour and a mooch around the games area you are lead into a bar where you can have your two free drinks, this is a proper bar so there is loud music lots of alcohol involved and a second chance of how to pour your own beer!

At the end of the experience you are left in the shop which has loads of very affordable items such as a Heineken glass for only 3 euros or to get in engraved with a name its only 5 euros!

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