Nine Streets Amsterdam

If you like shopping and exploring you will love the Nine Streets in Amsterdam, it's a whole nine streets with loads and loads of shops on! I had a great time exploring and taking it all in, I did forget to take pictures so this will be a very word heavy post I'm afraid but I hope you enjoy.

The one thing I noticed in Amsterdam was a lot of cheese stores and I visited one of the Nine Streets that was really cute and had amazing cheese in. From Rum to herbs and goats/cow cheese there was one for everyone. A large block was only 9 euros but there was also added items that you could purchase such as cheese boards and oddly hard boiled sweets.

Be prepared for fashion stores and a lot of them, such as H&M, Forever 21 and Lush there is a store for everyone here. I also noticed there was three H&Ms on one street which was very odd to me as it would be better to have one large store.

I also noticed a lot of independent cafes and places to eat such as a very cute pancakes store and of course there was several McDonalds on the streets. There wasn't many pubs or bars on there streets I walked through though which did surprise me a lot as I thought there would be.

The streets are quite easy to get around and are quite enjoyable to walk through if you like browsing, there is also a lot of souvenir stores if you need to pick up any gifts. You won't find many bikes which is helpful, there also isn't any cars which again is helpful.

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