Red Light District Amsterdam

The red light district is everything you imagine it to be with windows of girls in there underwear, small cobbled streets, sex shops and odd museums. I visit at 10am as I didn't want to put myself at danger, as a solo girl traveler going out at night is risky especially at somewhere like the Red Light District. It does however have beauty among it and some lovely little shops hidden among the sex stores, so here is what I got up to!

I started my walk to the area through the streets of Amsterdam and saw some lovely sights of the canals and then I walked out onto a street that completely changed it was smaller and had a large canal surrounded by a winding large street of windows and smaller paveways. I was surrounded by giggling tour groups and groups of girls with the odd one seedy bloke appearing from no where then disappearing, I felt safe and at no risk or danger so decided to stay and take a look at the area.

For some reason I thought at 10am the windows would be empty but there not, some are so it's the perfect time to get a photo of the empty ones (do not attempt to take a photo of the women in the windows) I was happy snapping away when I turned to see a bunch of lady all smiling and trying to get my attention, I very quickly smiled back did a wave and kept walking!

I checked out one of the museums which was the Secrets Of The Red Light District it was a guide of what to see, you got to try out the windows, see what a typical sex workers room is like but most importantly you were made aware of the sex trafficking which happens in Amsterdam. It was a great museum to go to and only cost around 10 euros, it was safe and didn't show to much.

After my visit I would highly suggest not being put off going and to check out the Red Light District, join a tour if you are still worried but most importantly try to have fun if you go there!

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