Dublin - Christ Church

The most unexpected thing I thought I would enjoy was going to Christchurch, it was hard to miss this church as it's so stunningly beautiful and grand. I was walking past to go to another attraction when I had to stop and visit as it was just so lovely to look at.

The grounds of the church have a lot of character with a ruin and loads of photo opportunity's I spent around 30 minutes just walking around the grounds before even going in, it's very built up and powerful outside with loads to see.

Inside it's very impressive with high ceilings and loads of seats, this is the biggest church I've been into, it just kept going with loads of little side rooms with some really interesting and beautiful artwork. The stain glass windows were very pretty as well and there was loads to see and take in.

I was very happy to be able to experience going into my first every crypt which was dark and spooky but had some amazing statues and items inside. There was also a small shop in the crypt which had some lovely items, a little odd for a church to have a shop but at least it wasn't in the main church.

I loved going into the Christ Church and would happily go into it again and again as it's just so beautiful.

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