Grand Place Brussels

Grand Place in Brussels can best be described as well Grand, it is situated in the heart of the city and has some amazing buildings surrounding the little market square. I found myself here most days as there was always something to see and explore as well as just sitting there people watching.

As you enter Grand Place depending on which entrance you use you will be greeted by shops or restaurants. Hard Rock Cafe and Godiva are all featured in the small lanes leading into the main square. There is something for everyone from small chocolate shops to large expensive jewelry shops.

Once you arrive into the main square you are surrounded by high buildings all with an air of mystery about them. They all feature some type of grandness about them from windows with featured art, to small little hidden statues and then of course the large statues you can't miss.

In the centre is a small flower market which I felt added the little hint of tourism which I really liked. as well as the restaurants over spilled coffee tables and chairs. You will of course bump into a few tour groups but this is common in most tourist areas.

Among the building surrounding the square are the Musee De La Ville, Maison des Brasseurs and the help centre, there is something for everyone in this square.

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