How To Travel On A Budget

When I tell people I go on three trips a year I always get the statement 'how do you afford that?' which is what I wanted to talk about today in this post. I don't have any secrets or a fund that keeps me going, I also work just 20 hours a week and have bills to pay. So I wanted to share my tips and tricks for you, hopefully it will get more people exploring!

So first up getting to your destination can be extremely expensive so I would suggest going onto a compare website and seeing which airline is cheapest. This may seem simple and it is, I would also suggest selecting the whole month or using a website which allows you to pick the cheapest month.

Staying somewhere can be stressful and finding the right room may be a nightmare but with some simple tips it can also be a dream. So I would suggest a hostel and no not a shared dorm bed but a private room in a hostel, it surprises me how many people don't know there are private rooms in hotels. They are super cheap however you may have to share the bathroom and you also won't have any perks, think of a private room in a hostel as staying at a friends house.

So you're now there and you also have somewhere to stay and suddenly you are out of money on your holiday, well some simple tips can help you. Shop at a supermarket and don't eat out every night, this is the perfect way to save money whilst away and there are some very nice tasty treats in most supermarkets. Book a tour bus as this is the perfect way to get around a destination without getting lost and needing to spend money on taxis, there are some amazing company's out there that do offers and have competitive rates.

So that is pretty much how I afford to go on three trips a year without over spending, hopefully this helps a few people out!

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