Manneken, Janneken and Zinneke Pis Statues

One of the biggest attractions in Brussels is of course the Manneken Pis statue which is a small little pissing boy statue that Brussels likes the dress up and people love to take pictures off! I could see why when I visited the statue as he is pretty adorable, he is also rather small as I thought he was a lot larger!

As well as the boy statue situated in a small street off one of the main streets full of restaurants in the Janneken Pis which is a larger statue of a pissing girl. This one is a lot larger a little bit more open then the little boy. You can find her off Rue De La Fourche street.

Lastly is the Zinneke Pis statue which is of course the even larger pissing dog statue, which doesn't have running water! This statue is uncovered and you can touch it as much as you want, it's also harder to find and is larger then the little boy and girl. Located on Rue des Chartreux street on a corner.

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