Getting Around Brussels

Brussels has to be the easiest place to get around that I've been to so far, from the centre I can reach the other side Grand Place - Gare Du Midi in 20 minutes, so getting around was very easy to do in Brussels.

I mostly walked as it's mostly flat in Brussels so I walked pretty much most of my trip, I would advise some decent trainers and a heads up most of the streets are cobbles! It's easy to get around as the whole of Brussels is signposted and the streets are easy to locate.

I needed to use the Metro system once in my trip and using it was easy and fun, I got myself a 24hr card which is 7.50 euros and then worked my way around like a normal metro system it's all sign posted and easy to locate. I also like how on most platforms the doors open both sides and for the main stations you can get a double decker train!

I wouldn't advise using the buses as most of the places to see in Brussels are in the cobbled lanes and you can walk from one side to the other in 20 minutes!

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