Hard Rock Cafe Brussels

Hard Rock Cafes can be found all over Europe and the rest of the world but I never been able to go into one due to it always been full with no free tables or lack of funds due to it being quite expensive. The most impressive one for me was the New York Hard Rock Cafe but I still wasn't able to get some food due to it being full, so I settled on getting a drink from the Brussels one and hoping to try again on my next trip!

So in the Hard Rock Cafe they have items from bands and artists like pictures, clothing and also lots of music items such as guitars and drumsticks etc. There is also a shop to visit in case you want some merch or items to take home. If you don't want to eat there then you can always just go in for a drink and I believe you can order food to the bar but only sharing platters and not main meals.

I ordered a cocktail and went for a Bahama Mama which is a rum based cocktail, it set me back 9 euros but it was worth it. It tasted pretty amazing and you get a lot for you money, it looks great and I love how it's made in front of you.

I loved my first ever experience in the Hard Rock Cafe and next time I will pre book a table and make sure I can eat there!

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