Shopping In Brussels

Brussels in the perfect spot for any lovers of shopping, from small little winding streets full of small independent retailers to large department stores and of course the Galleries that surround the city. In today's post I'll go through all the places I visited and weather or not there worth going to!

City2 is one of the main shopping centres which is full of stores that you would normally find on the high street and of course some food places to go to, as well as a direct line into the metro system. This is a great place to go to on a wet day when there is nothing else to do, it didn't blow me away and I wasn't to impressed however it was still a great place to go shopping.

Galleries St-Hubert which is just off Grand Place looks amazing and sells some incredible items, however all the stores are expensive and are classed as high end stores and brands. This place is great to window shop and also great to take pictures off, you will find a lot of tourists in this area.

One of the main shopping streets is Rue Neuve which is where City2 is this is a great street to visit if you need your high street favorites and need to have a good mooch this is a great place to go to if you need any essentials it has stores like H&M,  New Look and Primark.

Another great way to shop is of course all the little winding streets that surround Grand Place, there are some amazing shops on these streets which are mostly tourist ones but also some great chocolate stores and small independent retailers.

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