Six Nations Pub Brussels

I managed to eat out twice in Brussels and one of the places I went to was the Six Nations pub on Rue Gretry which was listed as one of the best pubs in Brussels. I went in for a drink but ended up buying dinner, the main reason being they didn't try to poach me in or pressure me to eat here which you will find a lot in Brussels.

First up the drinks are good and reasonable priced I had a Heineken and a Vodka Coke which were both great and also came in large glasses! I was served right away and the bartender was polite, he knew what he was doing and seemed very friendly.

I then had a burger for my dinner which I ate outside due to it being super hot, the burger came within 10 minutes of me sitting down and was presented really nicely for pub grub, it tasted good and complimented the beer nicely!

In the pub you can watch Rugby and have a nice beer or dinner without being asked to go in, I loved this pub and will always recommend it when people ask me about my trip to Brussels.

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