Hotel Old Nickel Amsterdam

In the centre of Amsterdam down a small lane is Hotel Old Nickel which from the outside is a pub but once inside you'll be greeted by hotel staff welcoming you to the Hotel, along with the small little ginger cat. I stay a short walk away on the same street in a second building to the main hotel which suited me more as it would of been quite loud over the pub.

The room was small and basic with a bed, desk, tv and bathroom this was a typical Dutch room and was small with winding stairwells and large windows a very typical Amsterdam room. I couldn't fault it as it was clean and had everything I needed it was just very small and let in a little more noise then I would of liked.

The location is great and just where you would need a hotel if you wanted the centre of Amsterdam and the amenities are all there. I wouldn't however stay again due to the noise of the locals however the price for three nights was £130 which is very impressive for the location.

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