Top Tips For Brussels

Brussels is an amazing city to visit and I would happily go back again so for today post I wanted to share my top tips for you!

Walk If You Can
I found the best way to get around Brussels was to walk as much as I could and explore all the little winding roads that lead of the main streets, 9 times out of 10 they all lead to Grand Place. I must warn you the streets are cobbled so take comfy shoes and you will need a bottle of water.

Ask The Locals
Normally I like to take a map and find a place by myself but for some reason the locals in Brussels love to chat, so if you get lost or need a push in the right direction don't be afraid to ask the locals for help.

Avoid The Restaurant Poachers 
When walking down the main streets to go for dinner there are men standing outside all the restaurants trying to get you into there restaurant. This makes it hard to read the menu and actually see if you will like the food, I would look when someone else was being spoken to or have my sunglasses on and look when they wouldn't see, this is quite intimidating behavior so be warned it does happen!

Browse The Chocolate Shops
When needing a little sweet treat say after dinner when you don't want a full pudding my favorite thing to do was to go into the chocolate stores and have a sample from each store. This sounds cheeky and rude but they do offer and if I like the store I do buy gifts from there, however I managed to have 6 samples walking down one street after dinner one night which I think is quite impressive!

So those are my top tips hope you enjoy your trip to Brussels and these tips help you out!

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