Body Worlds Amsterdam

I'm sure this is the oddest place I've ever had to write up about on my blog but I couldn't not give it a mention as I had such a great time there. Located on one of the busy shopping streets of Amsterdam Damrak 66 is the Body Worlds museum which is a museum all about the Body.

It features body's that have been donated through science and then sliced and diced to give you a better understanding of how to body works and also a look at the inside of your body. It's a great way to see how things work and its also really interesting to see how things like a tumor starts or a set of smokers lungs.

I really enjoyed this museum even if it was a little pricey at 20 euros I still learnt a lot and took a lot in, it does of course have really dead bodies so of course if you are squeamish then don't go!

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