Het Scheepvaart Museum Amsterdam

Whilst I was walking around Amsterdam I kept seeing an impressive ship that really caught my eye, I was excited to see it was part of a Museum and it was affordable at 15 euros which includes a great displays of all things sea and canal related as well as three boats to look at, and a virtual tour that took you through history or boating.

I learnt a lot in this Museum and had a lot of fun but it is aimed at children and there was a lot of tours and schools visiting. But the rooms were all full of facts and great things aimed at adults as well and a lovely little cafe/shop at the end makes it worth the visit.

I of course was there to see the large ship that I had noticed from afar and was not let down, with amazing views of the city and great features that had been kept in great condition it was hard to not fall in love with this ship. As well as the impressive ship there was a chance to see a royal boat which looked very impressive and well looked after.

This museum is the perfect place to visit in Amsterdam for child and adults!

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